Stainless Drains

The design and installation of stainless floor drain systems has been one of our specialties for over 25 years. We have installed trench, slot, specialty drains and foot-wash systems for most all the poultry industry and many food processing plants. We will help you achieve the most efficiency from your floor drain system.

Specialty Concrete Work.

The poultry and food processing industries use concrete for many needs. We have installed countless miles of protective curbing at an amazing rate of completion. Dock areas, slab repair, retaining walls, containment pits, storm boxes, the list goes on and on and Duke’s will always provide top quality work for your concrete needs.

Insulated Metal Panels

The I.M.P. is an incredibly versatile building component in our industry. Duke’s has installed panels in additions, new construction, repair areas, duct work, separation areas and many other uses. Contact us for all your I.M.P. needs.

Small to Large Repair

Our philosophy is that even the smallest repair deserves the same professionalism and expediency as our large projects. We understand the need for a fast, yet thorough solution to minor repairs and will gladly work with you to remedy problem areas.